MinarcTig 250MLP

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MinarcTig 250MLP is the ideal DC TIG welding solution for installation, repair and maintenance applications.
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The 250 A model suits high quality work and the lightweight and compact size is a real bonus for professionals on the move around site. This unit is suitable for DC TIG and Stick (MMA) welding and the dual-process function makes this machine a versatile solution for many DC TIG applications. This model is equipped with special features such as Minilog and pulsed arc function. High 35% duty cycle and light weight combine real performance advantages, plus exceptional control in low current ignition means refined TIG welding quality for precise and challenging components. MinarcTig 250 MLP is suitable for a range of materials suited to the DC TIG welding process, including demanding root and filler passes requiring high efficiency. 


Dual-process option
Allows you to be more versatile
Simply excellent
Low current ignition
Compact size
Makes it easy to carry anywhere


Thin sheet fabrication
Process pipelines
Repair and maintenance


Light weight and compact size give better reach
Excellent low current ignition
Minilog and pulse functions improve welding productivity
Clear parameter display
Pre and post gas timer
Steady, easily targeted arc makes welding easy.
Slope in/out timer
Torch switch latching
Pulse welding option
Great voltage reserve increases ease of operation

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